Check Out These TV Show Floor Plans from Famous Television Shows Like Friends and Seinfeld

TV show floor plans have been a big part of your life whether you know it or not. Think of how many hours of your life you spend watching Friends, or Seinfeld and other shows? You’ve been watching these characters walk around their homes, you know their homes better than you know a lot of other things.

If put to the test, you will remember details about the Friends apartments without even knowing you know these things. Well, this artist took it a step further and created very detailed floor plans for famous TV shows.

Everybody has found themselves fixated on a TV show at least once in their lives. Whether it was in the 70s or just last week ago. TV shows have been popular since television was invented.

It just puts you in a whole other world. And if you think about it, the best thing about TV shows is that they are full of drama that you have nothing to do with. We all like that kind of drama even though we don’t admit it.

That kind of drama that we have nothing to do with and act as an audience. Just staring at the characters with full attention, hoping that all the drama they are in will just get better and better.

Well, there is something that might have not crossed your mind we would like to show you. Something that has to do with the layout of your favorite character’s apartment.

Yes, you guessed it… we will show you some apartment plans from your childhood TV shows.

The Simpsons

tv show floor plans

Artist Iaki Lizarralde Has drawn exactly what you are thinking about right now. The artist is from Spain and goes by the name Nikneuk.

His projects are very colorfully illustrated and are precisely exact with the homes of the TV shows we used to watch.

The Series is called the “floorplans”. He helps us discover how big and spacious these TV show apartments really are. Some of them might even surprise you.

The artist created blueprints for every detail starting from architectural designs to furnishing.

He has added every single detail he has witnessed by watching the TV shows. You name it, from Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet that appears on Sex and The City to the extremely popular couch that appears on The Simpsons.

You can even find something as unforgotten as the half bathtub sofa that appeared at Breakfast at Tiffany’s and more. 


tv show floor plans

Everything you like to give a look at to spark that nostalgia is finally being shown.

The artist has been very careful and has taken his time to sketch the floor plans to accommodate for small discrepancies. Here are some of the layouts of your favorite fictional characters’ apartments.


tv show floor plans


The Big Bang Theory

tv show floor plans

Sex and the City

The Golden Girls

tv show floor plans

Three’s Company

I Love Lucy

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

tv show floor plans

All images in this post are by deviantART

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