The Awesome Daily Editorial Team

The Awesome Daily team is a mix of dedicated writers and freelance writers who has specific knowledge in things. Below is the core team that creates most of what you read on our site together with a bunch of other people who do great things behind the scenes like graphic design, fact checking, formatting and more.

Ramona Kab

Hi I’m Ramona. I’m a ukulele playing cat lover from the Philippines who just so happens to really love writing ( been doing this for more than 6 years now ). My favourite memes are Turn the Volume Up and the Distracted Boyfriend. I also enjoy film photography and hiking. When i'm not writing for The Awesome Daily of course. Read more

Letizia Lorini

Letizia is a content creator and social media specialist. She has years of experience in researching topics about humor, the meme culture and anything in between. When she is not working, she is probably playing with her dog or travelling. She is also a movie buff! Read more

Ana Maria

Ana Maria has a knack of finding trending topics to write about. With a solid writing experience in online magazines like memebase and pelted jeans along with others, she brings her sense of humor and creativity to our team. Read more