17 Amazing Black and White Bridge Pictures From Around the World

Black and white bridge pictures has a special place in my heart, it was the first time I visited a major bridge and I instantly fell in love.

There is something very astounding about bridges. They are these massive structures that have a purpose to connect places with each other.

I cannot put my finger at what is more attractive, connecting to locations that are separate because of water or the way bridges are built. It just gives that finishing touch to every beautiful city around the world.

Cities that have bridges like New York, San Francisco, Rotterdam, and many more, all have the ability to make you fall in love with them in an instant.

For all I have seen you can really get a glimpse at the city center from a bridge. That will leave you with an unforgettable memory of an astounding view.

I have visited New York and Rotterdam and walked upon both of their bridges. The views of both of them were magical during the night. But the one I love the most was Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam 

It had more lights and the city appeared to look bigger and more zoomed in. Bridges are common in a lot of cities. I have even been present in really small cities with beautiful bridges.

There is something romantic about them indeed. I think that the romantic feeling that these bridges enhance inside each one of us is because they make you fall in love.

They make you fall in love with themselves, with the city, with the stars and the fresh air of the night.

It is something truly artistic and peaceful to enjoy with a significant other or even alone. They are amazing especially when they’re photographed and presented in black and white.

Here are some black and white bridge pictures from all over the world photographed by different artists. 

1. London – Millennium Bridge

2. Rainbow bridge in Tokyo 

3. Portugal bridge

4. Belgium train bridge

5. Spain has nice bridges too

Black and white bridge pictures
via happy-mami

6. Another shot of the Brooklyn Bridge

via Ozan

7. The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco

Black and white bridge pictures
via jostrem2

8. A bridge in Italy

via – Haku –

9. The famous Brooklyn bridge in New York

Black and white bridge pictures
via True_Bavarian

10. A nice small bridge in Florence, Italy

via felicia

11. Unique bridge design in Brazil

Black and white bridge pictures
via razorbern

12. Lesser known, Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia

via PhillyPenn

13. The Bay Bridge in San Francisco

Black and white bridge pictures
via carolyn_in_oregon

14. Another beautiful black and white picture of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

via  Soller Photo

15. Another angle of Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia

Black and white bridge pictures
via PhillyPenn

16. The Brooklyn Bridge again

via u n c o m m o n

17. The Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol UK

Black and white bridge pictures
via g r e e n g a g e

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