Louise Terrier Inspired By Studio Ghibli to Create These Water Paintings.

If you were born before the year 2000, you probably know miyazaki fan art or grew up watching their anime creations too. I remember coming from school and hurrying to turn on the TV for another episode of Dragon Ball Z.

After that, I would watch Naruto and at last One Piece. These animes give you a magical attraction with the fantasy world that they present. Aside from the series, I also remember watching movie format animes that were up to one hour and a half long. 

Studio Ghibli is an expert at that. They had a great storyline with a fantastic ending.

From Castle In the Sky to my neighbor Totoro, I enjoyed watching all of these movies.

I really miss watching them because the last time I must’ve seen one of these movies was probably ten years ago. I am really glad to see that other people also get inspiration from these movies.

Louise Terrier, a French painter, who has created amazing paintings of some of her most favorite anime movie characters. She has tried her best to put into paintings a part of her creativity.

She tries to take us back in time as we get to see painted characters such as Kiki the witch, from the movie Kiki’s Bakery.

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Louise says that she would try to paint ever since she was old enough to keep the pencil in her hand. She says that she turned this craft into a part of her life and when she has nothing else to do she paints.

After I saw her paintings I was amazed at how beautifully she managed to capture the characters. The paintings show emotion and thrill. They take you back in time as if you are a kid once more. As if you are getting ready to see another anime movie. More info: Louise Terrier

Below are some of the best miyazaki fan art from studio Ghibli

miyazaki fan art
miyazaki fan art
miyazaki fan art
miyazaki fan art

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