32 Moody Animals that Show us That it is Completely Normal to be Sad From Time to Time

moody animals

Do you ever wake up and just feel moody throughout the whole day? Yes, it has happened to me also. These moody animals will show you how it feels. It apparently happens to everyone and we just have to deal with it the best way possible.

This is what this artist and graphic designer named Lim Heng Swee is trying to achieve. Lim has always wanted people to brighten up when they are not having their best day.

The way he does it is by creating relatable images you can have laughed at. There is only one way to beat sadness and moodiness and it is by creating content that relates to these feelings.

Lim Heng Swee has a different opinion when it comes to positivity. He says that creating positive content all the time is too overrated.

In fact, what people need to overcome what they are dealing with is just the truth. The artist explains that this is the only way a person can heal the pain they are going through. By simply dealing with the truth.

These images he has presented will just brighten your whole day. This is because they are not just representing the truth about how some of us feel, but they are also hilarious.

Lim Heng Swee apparently understands that this home time has hit us all hard. We are feeling moody and sad more frequently. That is why Lim presented these hilarious images of moody animals that perfectly show how we are feeling right now. Enjoy and share with your friends.

All images here are from Lim Heng Swee

1. Feeling irrelephant – Moody animals starts here

moody animals

2. Pel I Can’t

moody animals

3. I need a Hedgehug

4. Just another day at the offi-home

5. Owl by myself – so punny

6. I don’t carrot all – I love this one

moody animals

7. Raccoof

8. Nah- whal

9. Shhhh – Shhhheeep

10. Meh

moody animals

11. Toucan’t

12. Beer. Get it?

13. Dodo nothing

14. I am missing you pig time

moody animals

15. T-rest – My favorite of the moody animals for sure

16. Unkoalafied

17. Cat-erpillar

18. Unplug

19. Lie of floor

moody animals

20. Wild bored

21. Moooody

22. Dam – it

23. Drama

moody animals

24. I’m not amoosed

25. I hippopotamiss you

26. OST Poor

moody animals

27. Unbearable

28. Llazy

29. Energy saving mode

moody animals

30. Turtlely dead inside

31. Where is my crocoffee

32. Seal of no approval

moody animals

These moody animals got to me on a different level, that’s why I shared them with my friends

Source: demilked

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