Lisha Simpson Uses Body Art To Turn Her Arms Into Optical Illusions

Lisha Simpson Body Art Arms Optical Illusions 1

Lisha Simpson is 21-year old body artist from Canberra. She likes art, painting and unusual things. She discovered her talent for body art after she attended beginners face painting course. As she says, she was blown away by shown images of amazing pieces of art painted on the human body. She fell in love immediately and started to paint every day.  Eventually, she came across illusion and 3D body art which fit perfectly with her interest and love for unusual things.

In the gallery below you can see the result of a perfect mixture of love, passion, talent, skill and hard work. The final results represents photos captured from the right angle edited in a photo editing app that allows to fade the black paint to blend in with the background. All of the illusions made in that way are fascinating and if you like what you see find even more of Lisha’s work on her Instagram profile.

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“I have always loved art and the serenity it brings me.”

Lisha Simpson Body Art Arms Optical Illusions 2

“I’m inspired by so many different things…”

arms body art 3

“Culture, music, movies and bright colors.”

arms body art 4

“I’m motivated by my love for art and my passion for painting.”

arms body art 5

“I love illusion style body art because it’s so out of the ordinary.”

arms body art 6

“I’ve always been fascinated by anything weird or unusual.”

arms body art 7

“The final illusion is created by a combination of the perfect lighting…”

arms body art 8

“…solid black paint to create negative space, a black background and the right angle.”

Lisha Simpson Body Art Arms Optical Illusions 9

“It’s gotten to the point where if I don’t paint something each day, it feels as though I’m suffering withdrawals.”

Lisha Simpson Body Art Arms Optical Illusions 10

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