The Way Picasso’s Self-Portraits Evolved Gives Us a Deep Message About Life

Pablo Picasso is known all over the world as one of the most influential people that lived in the 1900s. Although what a lot of people are not educated about is that he started a movement.

The artist was the co-founder of the cubist movement, the invention of a collage, the invention of assemblage, and also different kinds of styles that assisted to grow and to discover.

Pablo Picasso was a very prolific artist throughout all of his life. You would be surprised at how many pieces of art he managed to produce.

The total number has been estimated to go at 50,000 pieces of artwork which are divided as 1228 sculptures, 12,000 drawings, 1885 paintings, 2880 ceramics, thousands and thousands of prints as well as many rugs and tapestries.

His style of painting was unique and changed drastically throughout his lifetime.

This is what made people so obsessed with his work. Something unique about his work was his self-portrait paintings.

He might have come up with the idea early in life to create self-portraits of himself from the moment he was young to the final days of his life.

But there is something unique to the self-portraits that will speak to you on a whole other level. The self-portraits reflect different periods of his booming art career.

It is not surely known how many portraits did Pablo Picasso create of himself but these 14 self-portraits can speak enough.

15 years old

The portraits are laid out in a time frame that starts from when he was aged 15 to 90. People have two opinions for his dramatic change in the way he changed how he painted himself.

Some say that in 1901 he entered a blue period. This period spoke on a whole other level as the artist’s work began to show primitive influences. As of 1901, he began to use Blue tinted colors. This showed clearly that he was maturing in a different form in life.

Then came his Rose period where he gradually changed his style to a warmer tone. And then in 1907, his cubist movement began.

The self-portrait that was created by him at this stage is widely known for its fractured forms, black lines, and precise geometry. The thing about the Cubist period is that he was always inspired and influenced by a myriad of aesthetics.

Take a look at these other outstanding self-portraits of the worldwide known Pablo Picasso:

18 year old

20 years old

24 years old

25 years old

35 years old

56 years old

83 years old

85 years old

89 years old

90 years old

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