32 Pictures That Prove The Hawaiian Shirt Is The Best Shirt In The World


The Hawaiian shirt, or sometimes known as The Aloha shirt, is a well known dress shirt around the world. We can see many actors and regular people wearing it to almost any occasion and this groovy shirt has been engraved in our minds as the symbol of freedom, whenever you see someone wearing an Hawaiian shirt you immediately think ” this guy is on vacation! ” right?

Well, obviously the shirt is originated in Hawaii, and it is currently the main textile export of the country, the shirts are usually printed with uplifting patterns and lots of color, usually the shirts are short sleeve with buttons from top to bottom. One thing about the shirts is that most of them have a left chest pocket swn in, the hawaiian shirts can be worn by both men and women, the only difference is that the women shirts have a lower-cut with a V-neck style


The history of the Aloha shirt is dated all the way back to June 28, 1935 when it was first sold at a place called ” Musashi-ya shoten ” in Honolulu. A Japanese immigrant established this shop and after passing it on to his son Koichiro Miyamoto who first sewed the Aloha shirt using well known Japanese Kimono fabrics and was the first to sell it. The rest is history and since than the shirt has pretty much taken over the world. Just look at these 32 pictures of various celebrities wearing it with a smile.

1: Magnum P.I – Tom Selleck

Hawaiian shirt 1

2: Scarface – Al Pacino

Hawaiian shirt 2

3: Elvis Presley

Hawaiian shirt 3

4: Robin Williams

Hawaiian shirt 4

5: Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey brought the Hawaiian shirt back in style with his hilarious movies

Hawaiian shirt 5

6: Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet

Hawaiian shirt 6

7: Joey was wearing the Aloha shirt a lot on Friends

Hawaiian shirt 7

8: Johnny Depp and Benicio del toro on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Hawaiian shirt 8

9: Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases

Hawaiian shirt 9

10: Jason Segel and jonah Hill looks amazing in their Hawaiian shirts on the Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie

Hawaiian shirt 10

11: Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine rockin with his Aloha shirt

Hawaiian shirt 11

12: Jack Black’s favorite shirt

Hawaiian shirt 12

13: Tom Hardy looking better than ever with his summer shirt

Hawaiian shirt 13

14: Robert De Niro on Dirty Grandpa

Hawaiian shirt 14

15: Pharrell williams

Hawaiian shirt 15

16: Matt Damon looks look weird in this shirt

Hawaiian shirt 16

17: OMG Jared Leto looks amazing in an Hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian shirt 17

18: Bruno Mars looking natural with his shirt

Hawaiian shirt 18

19: Weird Al Yankovic dressed as usual

Hawaiian shirt 19

20: James Franco in one of his better roles in Spring Breakers

Hawaiian shirt 20

21: Childish Gambino performing with the shirt

Hawaiian shirt 21

22: Dennis Nerdy ( Newman ) on Jurassic Park

Hawaiian shirt 22

23: Gabriel Iglesias

Hawaiian shirt 23

24: Robert De Niro in Cape Fear as Mas Cady

Hawaiian shirt 24

25: George Clooney love his Aloha shirt

Hawaiian shirt 25

26: Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hawaiian shirt 26

27: Gary Busey looking crazy as ever with his Hawaii shirt

Hawaiian shirt 27

28: John Slattery in Mad Men wearing a Hawaiian shirt over a suit

Hawaiian shirt 28

29: Tom Cruise on days of thunder

Hawaiian shirt 29

30: Harry Styles wearing his Hawaiian shirt on stage

Hawaiian shirt 30

31: Brooklyn nine nine – Andy Samberg

Hawaiian shirt 31

32: Dexter, looking like a serial killer that he is with his shirt

Hawaiian shirt 32

Source: Imgur


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