If You Are Fascinated by Origami Then You Will Love These Haruki Nakamura Paper Toys

Haruki Nakamura Paper Toys are something that needs to be looked at. We decided to feature this artist’s work because when we find something awesome we need to share it with our readers, check it out below and tell us what you think.

If you have seen Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) then you might have realized the professor creating a bird figure out of folding a red paper. I know many people that tried to make the famous origami bird from the TV series.

And as hard as it looks it is quite easy to accomplish. Origami is a great way to reveal stress and anxiety and even do something when bored.

But Haruki Nakamura is going to the next level. He is creating toys that are made entirely out of paper. The way he achieves this is by folding the paper into the desired shape in order to create them Although, he is really careful with the paper edges.

The reason behind this is because the edges are the main factor that will make the toy appear 3D and provide it with couture.

Haruki Nakamura Paper Toys – Astral projection while sleeping.

Haruki Nakamura Paper Toys
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Of course, he does not stop here. Haruki Nakamura then makes the paper toy more realistic by coloring it accordingly and adding rubber bands to it.

If you are wondering why there is a need to use rubber bands, well the answer is that it makes the toy come to life. And no, I am not talking about life like Pinocchio had it.

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The artist, in fact, uses the rubber band to help the toy mimic a specific movement. For example, Haruki made a paper armadillo that crawled up in the slight touch of a finger.

The rubber band plays a big role in creating these jumpy paper toy movements. He usually sells his toys in Japan. If you are interested you can purchase The Penguin Bomb Toy as he sells it worldwide.

Armadillo curls for self-protection. 

Penguin opens up by popping.

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Haruki Nakamura Paper Toys featured videos

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