Stunning 3D Drawing Illusions By Alessandro Diddy


Alessandro Diddi is an Italian Artist with a talent for creating 3D drawings or drawing illusions. The technique that Alessandro uses is called “anamorphic drawing.” This technique creates illusions that trick your eyes into seeing a 3D image. It’s like an artist’s Jedi mind trick but with paper cutting and clever shading. In a recent interview, Diddi said that he wants his drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind. They’re drawn to trick you into seeing dimensions that aren’t really there. I’ve seen every few artists that can create 3D images like this. They’re kind of awesome.

If you’d like to see more of Alessandro Diddi’s work, check out his Deviantart page. Comment and let us know if these drawing illusions tricked you too.

Ring Anamorphosis Drawing Illusions

drawing illusions 2


Stone Bridge illusion drawn on a paper

pencil illusions 3

Classic drawing illusions – Save me!

pencil illusions 4

A little too real – the red is a nice touch

pencil illusions 5

Alessandro Diddi creations are meant to trick the mind

pencil illusions 6


He uses shadings and angles to create the illusions

pencil illusions 7

The artist said ” I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there”

3d illusions 8

In this one it looks like the snake is trying to escape the page

3d illusions 9

A Jumping dolphin leaps of the page and through a circle Didi holds

3d illusions 10


A perfect example of the illusion these drawings make on the mind

3d illusions 11

Everything you need to create these drawing illusions is just a pencil and paper

3d illusions 12

Creating dimensions that aren’t there is the best part about this art form

3d illusions 13

 Amazing job by a talented artist, when he puts his pencil to work, magical things happen

drawing illusions 14


Folded paper with a staircase and a door

drawing illusions 15

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