Say Hello To Vinyl Idolz, Awesome Figurines Inspired By Pop Culture


Toys like these Vinyl Idolz are made for fun and enjoyment. Collecting them is even more exciting. Toys somehow brings the child out of you.

These incredible Vinyl Idolz figurines are mostly derived from various famous characters of pop culture.

You have the Batman and the Alien of Star Wars, David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister, The Hateful Eight and The Back To The Future figures and many more. The British studio, Evil Corp and the designer Kibooki are the creators of these awesome toys.

The company once ventured into 3D design and concepts in their creations. But after seeing an overwhelming response from people about these figurines, they decided to change and edit some of their creations.

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Check out some of their Vinyl Idolz work below:

Napoleon Dynamite

vinyl idolz 1

Vinyl Idolz – Tyrian from GOT

vinyl idolz 2

Samual L. Jackson from the movie the hateful eight

vinyl idolz 3

Superman and Batman Vinyl Idolz

vinyl idolz 4

Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future

vinyl idol 5

Chewbacca and Han Solo

vinyl idol 6

The Joker from the Heath Ledger era

vinyl idol 7

Lemmy god

vinyl idol 9

Finn from Star Wars the Force Awakens

vinyl idol 10

David Bowie

vinyl idol 11

Batman and Robin from the TV show

vinyl idol 12

Not sure about this Vinyl Idol

vinyl idol 13

Edward Scissor Hands

vinyl idol 14

The one and only Beetlejuice

vinyl idol 15

Jay and Silent Bob

vinyl idol 16

The classic Joker from the 80s

vinyl idol 17

Alien character famous for having the Alien bust out of his stomach

vinyl idol 18

Who are these guys?

vinyl idol 19

The saw character

vinyl idol 20

IT – So scary even at that size

vinyl idol 21

Ron Swanson

vinyl idol 22

Who is this guy? Please comment

vinyl idol 23

Javier Bardem from ” No Country for Old Men ”

vinyl idol 24

Gandalf the grey

vinyl idol 25

Young Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver

vinyl idol 26

Marty McFly again and teen wolf

vinyl idol 27

Texas chainsaw killer

vinyl idol 28

Who is this vampire

vinyl idol 29

Who are they?

vinyl idolz 30

Ripley from Alien

vinyl idolz 31

Why don’t you leave your comment below with your favorite Vinyl Idolz character

Source: Imgur | Ufunk



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