Talented Teenage Artist Fulfills Her Wildest Dreams Through Her Paintings


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This talented 16-year-old professional painter, who just graduated from an early high school was able to fulfill her wildest dreams through these wonderful paintings. Dimitra Milan, whose parents are also artists just started painting 4 years ago. When she was at a very young age, she’s already been exposed to art and even preferred to study at home so she could spend more time and be trained. With the help and advice of her parents, she was able to become who she is today, though there are still a lot to learn and discover.

According to her, her parents played a major role in motivating her to become an artist, relentlessly teaching her the technicalities and the creative process of painting. They also taught her about the proper conduct and behavior towards the work and her view of herself as a painter.

“They taught me to be defined from the inside, not the outside. That I find my identity in God, and not the world or the people think about me. I know that beauty starts from within, before it manifest where it can be seen. Concerning the creative process, they have taught me that hitting the wall is a natural part of growth as an artist. When you get stuck or frustrated, you take risks and push through until you breakthrough wall, and find a new discovery. This has helped me get out of my comfort zone and increase my skills rapidly.”

For more info about these incredible paintings and her interview, visit here: dimitramilan.com |Facebook |Instagram


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