This Woman Creates Beautiful Necklaces From a Surprising Fruit


Beautiful Necklaces 1

Avocados are just so yummy, especially when it is blended with evaporated milk and sugar. Though some prefer to eat it when mixed with a certain amount of sugar, if you’re really an avocado person and you think you can’t live without it, you can now carry the pit with you everyday.

You can do this by wearing an avocado necklace that will definitely add glimmer to your style from the inside out.

Thanks to Anne Ark who came up with the bright idea of taking the avocado stone and makes it to a necklace, instead of throwing it away after you have eaten the avocado flesh, next time keep the stone and try to make your own necklace too

Beautiful Necklaces 2

She puts and carves complex designs on the avocado stones.

As the stone gets dried, it transforms into its different shades as it hardens into a wood-like structure that will look elegantly as a pendant.

Beautiful Necklaces 3

With this kind of design, you won’t be ashamed to express your love for avocados.

On Anna Etsy shop, you can purchase them for only £20 if you feel like you want to have them as soon as possible.

Source: Imgur | Metro



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