True Identities of Pop Culture Icons Unmasked In a New Book


Creator Alex Solis has redefined pop culture as we know it. What this insanely talented designer does, is take well-known characters, like the Big Bad Wolf, and reveals their “alter-ego”… in the case of the Big Bad Wolf, the alter-ego is Yoda.

Solis does this so that people can take another look and see something they’ve seen a thousand times, and see it in a new light. He says simply, “I’m trying to bring a new sense of discovery to characters everyone has seen hundreds of times.”

His designs are below, and have been recently combined together in a book, which you can pre-order on Kickstarter.

Pop Culture Icons

Pop Culture Icons 2

alex solis icons 15

alex solis icons 4

alex solis icons 5

alex solis icons 6

alex solis icons 7

alex solis icons 8

alex solis icons 9

alex solis icons 10

alex solis icons 11

alex solis icons 12

alex solis icons 13

Pop Culture Icons 14

Pop Culture Icons 3

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