Fast Food Mafia By Andrew Shirley Is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now

fast food mafia feat (1)

Andrew Shirley created these clever Fast Food Mafia illustrations, he took popular fast food icons and characters and turned them into gangsters, you gotta love the creativity here. Andrew was born and raised in Michigan were he still lives today. He enjoyed illustrating for many years and is working as a part time illustrator on various projects. Besides the Fast Food Mafia that got him a little fame and recognition, he also created several other great art pieces you can see on his Deviantart profile. Andrew has talent, that’s for sure, and we would be keeping an eye on his work to make sure we catch the next big thing he creates. Who know, maybe one day he can do this full time. Let’s help him get there by sharing this post so more people can see how cool it is.

Few cool fact about Andrew are he loves the Godfather movie ( no surprise there right? ) and enjoys listening to Queen and Pink Floyd. Great taste Andrew, keep up the great work.

Ron ” THE DON ” McDonald with Grimace and Birdie

fast food mafia 1 (1)


Robert ” Jack In The ” Box

fast food mafia 2 (1)

B.K ” The King “

fast food mafia 3 (1)

” Panda ” Cherng and Pan Pan

fast food gangsters 4 (1)

” Chihuahua ” Carlito

fast food gangsters 5 (1)


Troy ” The Trojan ” and Katie

fast food gangsters 6 (1)

” Papa ” John

fast food gangsters 7 (1)

” The Colonel ” Sanders

fast food gangsters 8 (1)

” Baby Face ” Bob

fast food gangsters 9 (1)


” Queen ” D.Q

fast food gangsters 10 (1)

” Little ” Caeser

fast food mafia 11 (1)

” Wendy ” Gwendolen

fast food mafia 12 (1)

The Subway twins

fast food mafia 13 (1)