Turn Your Kid’s Drawings Into Jewelry And Take Them With You Always

Kid's Drawings Into Jewelry 1

Any superficial observer of our planet would conclude that in homes with kids live people with a very strange taste in art. At least in the kitchen, there are strange drawings of houses, trees and people, attached with magnets to the fridge. What’s that all about?! Of course, we know, they are not museum worthy but sure mean a lot to the people living in that houses and for them they are priceless and no artistic piece would ever replace them.

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Two Turkish artists have realized this fact and decided to bring this special home art out of the house in a form of jewelry. Tasarim Takarim, the name of this duo, operates on Etsy; their business involves taking kids’ art and turning it into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Now you can take the precious work of your kid everywhere you go and keep it close to you, feeling warm and proud. They are letting you choose metal and colors, and the final result you can anticipate from the example below. The prices range from $127 to $214 and if you want this kind of jewelry for yourself you can get it here.

H/T: Tasarim Takarim

Kid's Drawings Into Jewelry 2
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