Mario Bros Lamp Will Take You Back To The Good Old Nintendo Days

mario bros lamp

Super Mario Brothers is a popular video game for the 90’s kids. Its distinctive sound effects are perfectly recognized by anyone who played it. This video below will take you back to those times where you enjoyed the brothers’ journey and adventure with this Mario Bros lamp. If you’re like me, than you too spent sleepless nights playing Mario Bros on your NES and loved every minute of it.

This Super Mario Bros inspired light, is seen over at Gizmodo, which plays the video game’s popular ping! sound everytime it’s turned on or off.  It can be switched on by pressing down the block (Punching it in search of a power-up is not recommended.)

This iconic game based lamp is powered by batteries, making it feasible to transfer into other places in your bedroom. This 7-inch cube has a USB port that will allow you to charge from your laptop or desktop computer.

This is definitely a classic video game that will surely attract the enthusiast out there and can be theirs for only $36. This Nintendo product can be purchased from Firebox .

Source: Mentalfloss



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