Tim Flach More Than Human Gallery Shares Amazing Animal Portraits That You Don’t See Every Day

Tim Flatch is a well-known photographer from London. What has caught the public’s eye the most is a seven-year project that Tim has finally accomplished called More than a Human.

This seven-year project consisted of a whole book simply called more than a human. The book is filled with unforgettable photography of different kinds of animals.

But these photographs were made showing a different perspective of the animal world.

They shot photos of the animal’s features shows us clearly that they also have feelings and expressions. The reason why Tim has photographed the animals in such a way is to be able to show us that by noticing the animal’s features we can be able to connect with them on a more spiritual level.

For example, if you see some of these photographs you can understand that each animal is living a different emotion the moment the photo was captured. Some look worried, stressed, in love, thoughtful, etc.

This panda looks like he gave you some advice and left

Tim Flach More Than Human

The message behind showing animals from a different perspective is to make us realize that we are rather similar to them.

In fact Tim caught these photos while changing the ambient for different types of animals. This means that he changed temperature, the human presence, light, and the presence of music in the ambient.

He saw that animals would have a different change of emotion in different kinds of ambient conditions. Some would react fondly of the music while others would get worried about it.

An aged pig shows that we all age the same

Tim Flach More Than Human

By long observation, the artist recognizes that Intimacy between animals changes depending on the animal. Apes, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, etc. showed more empathy towards each other and also cuddled their loved ones.

While other animals like the owl the chicken insects and birds were less cuddly animals.

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This is the technique Tim Flatch used to make this portrait book possible. Although it took years and dedicated work combined with long research, Tim was able to create such an unforgettable book and also present to us such a strong message.

The artist has done everything to create unique settings and images for all of these animals in order for us to focus more on what they were feeling at that moment.

All we can say is that Tim has successfully met his goals with these magnificent photos

Mysterious Owl

Tim Flach More Than Human

Naked chicken

This animal looks as if they are showing signs of stress

Tim Flach More Than Human

Clear signs that other animals age and have imperfections just as humans

The creepy side of being similar

Animals showing affection to each other

Tim Flach More Than Human

A mother and its child

Same features but different stripe colors

Tim Flach More Than Human

Thinking turkey

Who knows what is running up his mind?

Tim Flach More Than Human

all images via timflach.com

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