Baby Otters Born At The Santa Barbara Zoo Are The Cutest Thing You’ve Seen This Week


Do you want to see something cute today, something that will remind you our world is beautiful as it is? Then, we would like to announce to you that some new baby otters were born at the Santa Barbara Zoo. It might sound like a minor piece of news, insignificant, almost, but when you’ll see these little fellow’s face, you will instantly go “awww!”

There were squeaks in a nest box and “that’s how we knew Gali had given birth”, declared Michele Green, the Zoo’s Curator of Mammals. Three new Asian small-clawed otter pups just popped up into our world and their parents are famous in the Zoo: The popular swimmers Gail and Peeta. It looks like the little fellows have some big shoes to fill.

Baby Otters Born at the Santa Barbara Zoo 1 (1)

They are very healthy, but are kept under observation until they can safely swim and eat solid food. That will happen in December. The Santa Barbara Zoo hasn’t witnessed the birth of otter pups since 2011, when they had 6 little cute muffins like these.

What you need to know is that there is a Foster Feeder program in place which is meant to help feed the otters with their preferred diet of crustaceans and small fish. So, if you want to make these little cuties happy, go donate some!

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The otter species is not endangered yet, but there are concerns regarding their natural habitat which is threatened by palm oil farming, hunting and pollution. As everything with nature, there are links between species and habitats. Once the otter population is decreasing, other species in the habitat will have to suffer. Nature is all about balance and by breaking this balance, there will be chaos.

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Baby Otters Born at the Santa Barbara Zoo 5 (1)

Now, just look at them! Aren’t they the cutest thing you’ve seen this week? Wouldn’t you wish them a happy life?

All images via Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens


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