The Positive Power Of Saying Thank You Instead Of Sorry In Cool Illustrations


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Some say that the hardest things to say to someone sometimes are a simple “Thank you” and “I’m Sorry”. If you feel like you should say them to someone make sure you don’t replace them because things like this have greater impact on our relationships than we may think. Christmas is the perfect time to pay a little bit more attention on how we are expressing our feelings to others and Illustrator Yao Xiao made a series of simple comics who clearly represent the difference that saying “Sorry” instead of “Thank you” makes. Although apologizing and gratitude are similar, second one just feels better for both sides.

“A few friends of mine would always say ‘thank you for hanging out with me’ and I couldn’t figure out why it was so nice to hear it,” she told A Plus. “When I thanked people, it brought to light the fact that we just did something together—and that realization made us both happier.”

Her project is named “If you want to say thank you, don’t say sorry,” but Xia emphasizes that no one should feel ashamed for apologizing. “To me it is not about correcting behavior, it is about taking an extra step when you are capable,” Xiao explains. “I know that when I say ‘sorry I’m taking up so much of your time,’ I just want to hear someone say ‘it’s okay, and I like spending time with you.’ It comes from the same place, and people understand it.” More info : Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

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