Creative Makeup Artist Rebecca Swift Transforms Herself Into Different Famous Faces

While the everyday person might think the smokey-eye is an impressive makeup feat to master, singer/ songwriter/ makeup artist, Rebecca Swift, has redefined talent. She has challenged herself to recreate a different character everyday for 100 days. Her inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and she doesn’t limit herself to real live people too. From Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirate of The Caribbean to Donald Trump. She seems to be doing them all, and with style!

Rebecca uses a technique of applying dark makeup to contour her face. In this way she can more easily change her face shape and appearance, bold wrinkles if necessary or even make it smoother than ever. We especially love how she transform herself into Disney characters by using thick black lines to make her look more cartoon like.

All those little tricks if you may make for the completed piece to look very real like and very similar to the source. Check out below for some of her masterful creations and make sure to check her Instagram profile to see all the 100 creations.

A quick preview of some of the characters she creates

makeup artist photos 1

Rebecca Swift without any makeup on

makeup artist photos 2

Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies

makeup artist photos 3

Donald Trump – Looks pretty good right?


Jack Skellington – Love this!

makeup artist photos 5

Sofia Vergara, Stunt double anyone?

makeup artist photos 6

Jessica Rabbit, sexy, sexy, keep going

makeup artist photos 7

Jafar – Amazing! Look at those lines

makeup artist photos 8

Harry Potter – Looks like an older version of Potter, but still good


Jack Sparrow The best one for sure

makeup artist photos 10

Zooey Deschanel. Your all american girl


George Clooney. Looks so good!

makeup artist photos 12

Angelina Jolie, those eyebrows for real

makeup artist photos 13

Katniss Everdeen – Who?

makeup artist photos 14

Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp would be proud

makeup artist photos 15

Furiosa, Yes, that’s how you do make up

makeup artist photos 16

Jem* Fem love

makeup artist photos 17

The Joker. Nice!

makeup artist photos 18

Ryan Gosling, Taxi driver looking good

makeup artist photos 19

Cher, Do you believe in life after love?


Follow Rebecca on her Instagram to follow her journeys! @rebeccaroaming



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