She Paints Using Only Her Mouth And Feet, But Her Work Will Blow You Away


lovely paintings 1

Normally, people without any physical disabilities whatsoever tend to complain and murmur more about how cruel and hard life is than those who are partially disable. It is only evident that these casual people are only looking for something that is not too difficult for them to attain and accomplish while people with disabilities tend to strive to live a normal and convenient life as most people have.

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I admire people like that because they do not see themselves incapable of doing normal things, but rather an exemplary that life is too short to complain about your situation, but enjoy every bit of it while you still can. They, for me is such an inspiration to all because they see life as a gift and a challenge to become excellent and stand-out among all without trying to prove anything, but simply doing what they believe they can do even if they are limited physically.

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Alana Ciena Tillman, who is one of the Sonoma County’s leading mouth and foot artists. She has a large range of mediums that she use solely with her mouth and foot. Alana was born without arms, but that didn’t limit her from doing what she knows will make her happy. Art for her is not just a skill or a hobby, it’s her life.

Alana has been venturing into custom artwork,murals, and embellishing rooms as her way to earn a living. Creating murals for children’s rooms, wedding invitation designs, portraits, canvas works, greeting card design, and many others.

Here are the samples of her great and amazing works of art and be impressed with her outstanding creations.

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