Finally a Death Star Grill That Will Bring Your Meat Closer To The Dark Side


The force is strong with this Death Star Grill, you are helpless against the dark side when it comes to this grill.

The Fowndry is the only one who is selling this licensed Star Wars Death Star Barbecue Grill right now and you, as a Jedi master must have it.

The grill is made from stainless steel, it also has an adjustable air vents and a heat-proof handle. After you get it, you will be the Yoda of your neighborhood for sure!

You can pre-order this baby right here. Can i ask a serious question? Is it weird that almost everything in my house is Star Wars related right now?

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Believe me, once you start getting these cool licensed items, you can’t stop. Tell us in the comments below what kind of Star Wars items do you have?

The death Star Grill may look a little bit small

It may look a little bit small. But the website description for this item says it literally ” has the power to annihilate an entire chicken. Or, in the right hands, cook an al fresco feast in classic, sci-fi style. “

You also have adjustable air vents and heat proof handles

death star grill (1)
This is so that you young Jedis don’t have to use the force to cook with this grill
death star grill 2 (1)

You can get this awesome Star Wars theme grill for around $134 and its a must have item for any Star Wars fan


Here is the box of this Death Star Grill

death star grill 3 (1)
Looks more like a videogame or a collectible Star Wars item rather than a grill right? But that’s what makes this product so cool, you can also use it to grill your favorite food and it’s also a great conversation starter, trust us, when your friends come over for a BBQ and you start cooking on this thing, everyone will be talking about it.

Let’s share this Death Star Grill with our Star Wars fans so everyone can enjoy it


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