This Stormtrooper Bicycle Helmet is For Hardcore Star Wars Fans Only. And You Should Get One

The force is strong with this Stormtrooper bicycle helmet. Get it now you must! You get the idea, this article is about a rare and unique piece of fan art memorabilia that every fan would love to get his hands on. So keep reading for more details.

If you have seen pawn stars, then you are likely to have seen the episode where someone came in the shop to sell what seemed to be a Star Wars Stormtrooper bicycle helmet.

As you can imagine, the helmet was greatly designed. It is made out of 100% carbon fiber. This Stormtrooper bicycle helmet is also designed in deep detail to match the helmet of the original film.

Stormtrooper bicycle helmet
via Pinterest

Luckily the person deciding to sell the Stormtrooper helmet did not accept the pawn shop’s offer. So do not worry, it is not even close in Corey’s and Chumlee’s hands. So this means it is on sale right?

Well, in 2011 a website published about this star wars helmet. It said that the carbon fire helmet was for sale and surprisingly, people were interested.

The article went viral to the point of being shared by tens of websites and reaching 100,000 views! It comes to no surprise that the helmet caught the eye of so many.

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The main reason it became so popular is because the helmet is limited edition, and this is the last helmet of its kind for sale. Just imagine this gorgeous helmet as a part of your collection. Or rather how great it would it as office décor. If you’re a fan, you will know what to do with it.

Stormtrooper bicycle helmet
via Pinterest

The Stormtrooper helmet was just sold shortly and many who were planning to buy it were devastated. But no reason to be gloomy just yet.

There is a word spreading that claims that more of these quality helmets will soon reach the markets. And even if they are not, think of it like this, this awesome helmet is out there somewhere.

Maybe one day it will be in your hands. You never know anything is possible and the force is strong and what not.

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