Cool Origami Paper Lamps Shaped Like Cute Animals By Hugo & Teresa

paper lamps feat (1)

Do it yourself! is the driving force behind these interesting paper lamps. It all started when Hugo wanted to surprise Teresa with a unique gift and made two rough versions of paper models – a penguin and an owl – both with the lamp inside. That was last Winter and by today the designs evolved, new ideas were developed, materials were tested and that resulted, as you can see in the gallery below, by numerous paper lamps in a shape of all sorts of animals.

“Our designs are inspired by the origami concept of folding paper figures and result in a group of original companions to have around the house. Each of them presents individual features enhanced by their movement and position. Glowing in the dark is the ultimate effect to bring out their liveliness,” states OWL paperlamps.

This September the enterprise OWL paper lamps took off and these beautiful, well modeled and illuminated animal paper figures can be yours if you visit their Etsy page. The best part is that Hugo and Teresa are inviting you to take part in the making of the models and to give your personal mark to the final version which will create different and unique ambiance in your room or you can customize a perfect gift for a dear person. Models are made with high-quality 160g paper and with a help of colors and light, greatly designed paper animals are looking even more lifelike. So, if you like personalized and exclusive gifts OWL paper lamps are the perfect choice for you.

“Aurora, the Night Owl with wide, bright eyes that stare at you from her perch”

origami paper lamps (1)


“Our tortoises Frida and Fred gently crawl out beneath their shells”

origami paper lamps 3 (1)

origami paper lamps 4 (1)

origami paper lamps 2 (1)

“This is our penguin colony”

origami paper lamps 5 (1)

“Our Emperor Penguin works well as a floor lamp, standing high and tall, reaching out with his beak towards you”

origami paper lamps 6 (1)

origami paper lamps 7 (1)

“Parrot Alberti looks attentive and you can almost guess he’s going to repeat something you’ve just said”

origami animal lamps 8 (1)

origami paper lamps 9 (1)

origami animal lamps 10 (1)

origami animal lamps 11 (1)


“Colour choices”

origami paper lamps 12 (1)

“And the whole collection”

origami paper lamps 13 (1)

More info: Etsy | Facebook