Incredible Origami Animals Made By Spanish Artist Gonzalo Garcia Calvo

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo is a Madrid-based artist who uses only his skilled hands and square paper to make extraordinary origami animals. He mastered origami technique at such level that his figures became unbelievably expressive to an observer that you can notice their nature and almost sense a movement.

In the gallery below you can find all sorts of creatures from the animal kingdom. There is an elegant crane, furious rhino, wild bear, howling wolf … You can easily forget yourself while watching these  origami animals Calvo’s created and the fact that they are made by folding a piece of paper is amazing to me. Every one of the animal figures demonstrates his high skills and makes you think of the time and patient necessary for achieving such a mastery results.

Today many artists who use origami technique are prone to use multiple papers and even scissors in a process of creating. But Calvo is doing it by old school principles – only one piece of paper per figure and the only tool he uses are his fingers. He only experiments with different patterns, textures, and types of paper—including one that features fur, making his wooly mammoth actually wooly! One must admire him even more knowing that.

Take your time to enjoy the gallery of Gonzalo Garcia Calvo’s origami artworks and if you admire it make sure to share this post with your friends.

#1 A magnificent horse made from blue paper

origami animals (1)

#2 The artists uses specific lighting in his photos to empower the origami animals and bring them to life

origami animals 2 (1)

#3 Stunning raging bull figure

origami animals 3 (1)

#4 Realistic giraffe cast a shadow on the wall

origami animals 4 (1)

#5 Angry looking rhino

origami animals 5 (1)

#6 Mammoth from paper with fur on it, super cool and realistic

origami animals 6 (1)

#7 Bear on his two feet growling

origami art 7 (1)

#8 A cat, either a wild cat or a house cat

origami art 8 (1)

#9 One of the best origami animals in my opinion, a wolf howling at the moon

origami art 9 (1)

#10 Exotic frog standing on a leaf

origami art 10 (1)

#11 Laying on the edge

origami art 11 (1)

#12 Black cat

origami animal art 12 (1)

#13 Cute puppy sitting

origami animal art 13 (1)

#14 Big ears donkey

origami animal art 14 (1)

#15 Black unicorn

origami animal art 16 (1)

#16 stunning unicorn with wings

origami animal art 17 (1)

#17 Dragon?

origami animal art 18 (1)

#18 a tiny donkey

origami animals 19 (1)

#19 Dog giving a hand

origami animals 20 (1)

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