The Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Stopped Her Extreme Methods And She Looks Amazing Now

Okay, there is no way this girl hasn’t had any work done. No one looks like this because of working out or dieting or because they were born that way.

Valeria Lukyanova AKA the human barbie claims that her transformation had nothing to do with surgery. She said that her body is that way thanks to daily workouts and the “breatharianism” diet. This diet is based on the assumption that you don’t need food to survive. No, that’s not some kind of weird typo.

The bottom line is, even if her shape was due to vigorous exercise and dieting, those eyes and the shape of her face scream alteration. Valeria has changed her ways and looks very different now since she’s actually eating and not relying on the sun to survive.

Take a look at these pics of her before and after she stopped living like a plant. There’s an obvious difference between the before and after photos.

The human barbie in the top of her appearance ( by top we mean the most similar to a barbie )

human barbie (1)

Notice the face lines and the eyes, there is no way she didn’t had any surgical alterations, just no way, sorry. Nope!

human barbie 2 (1)

This is the after pictures, when she started eating like a human being again and stopped with the extreme methods to try and look like a human barbie doll.

human barbie 3 (1)

We actually think she looks much much better this way, healthier, better skin tone and hair, you should have done what you’re doing now right from the start girl

human barbie 4 (1)

Valeria Lukyanova covering her face, why? You look amazing now just as you are, natural and beautiful. Sort of speak

human barbie 5 (1)

Let’s look back at how her story began and the transformation she went to become the human barbie she got famous for.

The Human Barbie story line

human barbie story

Before she turned herself into a human doll, Lukyanova lived in Ukraine and her origins are from a small village of eastern Moldova. Like most normal girls growing up, she had an impressive doll collection that she loved very much. The major difference is that Lukyanova wasn’t only playing with her Barbie dolls, changing their outfits, making them live in little, pink houses and marry rich, handsome guys with expensive Mercedes. She was actually fascinated by their bodies, the incredible perfection of their curves and the symmetry of their faces. This strange fascination evolved with her age.

She grew up pretty normal

human barbie story 2 (1)

Before becoming the Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova had a normal life in Moldova. Back then, Moldova was still part of the USSR; her mother worked for the military and her father was a builder and also a DJ. Quite a strange combination of jobs, don’t you think? Maybe he was one of her inspirations to go and live a seemingly different life. Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, she was beautiful as a little girl as well. As most Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovian girls, she was a superb little girl growing up into a beautiful woman.

She had creative ideas about her life

human barbie story 3 (1)

Lukyanova always knew she wanted something special for her life, and at a young age she already made a few life altering decisions. When things started to heat up between Russia and Ukraine, she decided to move to a far away place called Mexico.

She was not similar to her parents

human barbie story 5 (1)


human barbie story 4 (1)

Her parents were struggling to offer her everything a little girl would need for a happy childhood. Valeria grew up knowing she wanted more, working on her dreams of achieving more. So, being a beautiful woman like that, the decision wasn’t really hard. She got into modelling and worked hard on her goals so that in 2007 she was declared Miss Diamond Crown of the World. She was looking quite normal then, with maybe a few “beauty alterations”, but nothing serious. She wanted more, though. She wanted to achieve that unnatural Barbie look, achieve the perfection of that.

human barbie story 6 (1)

She started working on getting the perfect Barbie look and feel

human barbie

The Hollywood Gossip

human barbie


There are voices who say she started off with breast implants and continued with some drastic measures like reportedly removing some of her ribs to obtain an incredible level of thinness.

Going all natural?

human barbie

IBTimes India

human barbie-2

Human Barbie

human barbie-3

At the beginning, Valeria started to get everyone’s attention, she started appearing in interviews claiming and her transformation was all natural, due to a very strict diet and sport habits. She went for the “no plastic surgery statement” which got everybody nodding their heads in disapproval. As time passed by, she began to admit to some changes, like the ones regarding her breasts, also she made some allusions to other surgical interventions claiming that she had come to an end with all of these.

“Perfection has no limitations”

human barbie


human barbie

Life & Style

This girl would not settle for anything. She is constantly chasing this ladder with an invisible end called perfection. Her discipline is incredible, but there are also a lot of people who criticize and attack her. It’s understandable when we think that all our lives we are given perfect images to look at and, mostly, “abused” with always being better and better, so when we see someone who has achieved a Barbie level of beauty and also claiming it is all natural, we might tend to get really rude and naughty and not thing about the person and the human soul behind Valeria, the Human Barbie doll.

The Halloween Attack

human barbie

On the 2014 Halloween night, Lukyanova was attacked by two unnamed men just outside her house. They punched her face and tried to strangle her when a neighbour passing by came in her aid and the two assailants ran away. This is how far hate had gone.

Feeding on people’s negativity

human barbie

Hollywood Take

human barbie

Valeria Lukyanova/Facebook

Lukyanova likes to call herself an “energy vampire” feeding on people’s bad vibes, mean comments and negativity. She has learned to live with these and actually gets her energy to go on from people’s hate. That requires some tough discipline and training of the mind, don’t you think?

Her experiences with the supernatural realm are overwhelming

human barbie

Lukyanova thinks herself to be a creature out of this world who was born on this planet to teach us humans, some things. Valeria knows that she comes from a planet beyond our Earth, namely Venus. That’s what she remembers. Ever since childhood, she says she knew there was something different about her when her mother drew a circle around her bed because her universe and the one around her were really separate entities. Valeria claims she has always been hyperaware, seeing dizzying spirals in her sleep.

First movie

human barbie

It was 2016 when Valeria made her film debut in “The Doll”. She was definitely a natural, playing a blood thirsty alien doll.

Changing. Getting ripped

human barbie

Valeria is currently looking to build some muscle, maybe become a Barbie Body Builder, who knows? Don’t you think she looks better now, gone being the unreal skinny Barbie doll we have seen so far?

What do you think about this? We saw a few other girls that are doing the same thing as she did trying their hardest to look like a doll, do you like it? Hate it? Let us know


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