Vintage Light Bulb With Rose Inside by Aerolux Light Corporation is Becoming a Trend All Over Again

  • Vintage light bulbs with rose inside was a very poplar trend back in the 30’s
  • The Aerolux Light corporation is responsible for this rising trend and we can clearly see it’s catching on
  • You could get these unique rose light bulbs for just 20 cents back in the day

light bulb with rose inside

Times since the 1930s have changed drastically. There are surely no more women with short puffy hair and there is certainly no more vintage furniture.

But let us all admit it, we love vintage accessories. They just give you an unexplainable feeling that brightens you up out of nowhere.

These days you can find that people are really obsessed with the way people back in the 30s lived. So we can say that some vintage objects are making their way back in the market even in 2020.

The Aerolux light bulbs which is a light bulb with rose inside are one of these vintage objects people are becoming obsessed with. What is unique about them is that they have a flower inside that glows when turned on. They were trending through the 1930-1970s and you might understand why.

Check out this cool video showing the light bulb with rose inside in action

light bulb with rose inside

They instantly make a change in the lightning of the room, making it appear more relaxing. So it basically is the perfect light bulb for people that want an awesome night light. Besides, it gives you a feeling as if you are living in some kind of Disney movie.

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And it is hard to imagine that these unique light bulbs cost just 20 cents back in the day. That is so inexpensive for what you got. Well, although the prices have risen in the present, you can still get these vintage light bulbs for a good value.

Thankfully they are back in the market and you can simply order these vintage light bulbs with flowers inside on eBay. They come in different designs from which to choose also.

light bulb with rose inside

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