Felicity Berkleef Cat Pictures Helped Her Deal With Insecurity And Hard Past

Felicity Berkleef is 22 years old self-taught pet photographer from The Netherlands, who loves to take pictures of actually everything, but according to the photos in this gallery, cats are one of her favourite subjects. And why not really right?

The photos are really great, not only they emphasise the beauty of the cat, they also represent very well the atmosphere and the mood, telling a specific story. Felicity is a young artist but she already faced many difficulties in her social life as well in the family. She passed through a dark period, but now she is a bright young person again, just as she was as a child. The positive transformation happened partly due to her passion for the photography and love for the cats.

“Photography has changed my life forever and I’m happy that I can share that with people around the world,” said Felicity for Bored Panda.

So, let’s take the time to enjoy Felicity’s storytelling cat photographies and learn her inspiring personal story.

More info: flickr.com

“My life became dark when I went to high school”

felicity berkleef cat pictures (1)

“I got bullied a lot, became very insecure and cried almost every day”

felicity berkleef cat pictures 2 (1)

“It got even worse when I almost lost my mom”

felicity berkleef cat photos 3 (1)

“This also had a very large impact on my grades and I didn’t pass high school”

felicity berkleef cat photos 4 (1)

“Luckily, my mom survived and my life became positive again when I was in my first year of studying graphic design”

felicity berkleef cat photos 5 (1)

“I got friends, became outgoing and I was happy again, but it was missing something”

felicity berkleef cat photos 6 (1)

“Then I found passion for photography, especially photographing cats”

felicity berkleef cat photos 7 (1)

“I see my photography as moody and storytelling, with lots of contrast”

felicity berkleef cat photos 8 (1)

“Photography has changed my life forever and I’m happy that I can share that with people around the world”

felicity berkleef cat photos 9 (1)

Keep scrolling for more great cat photographies by Felicity Berkleefa

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