Brides In Japan Are Turning Their Traditional Kimono Into a Kimono Wedding Dress By Folding The Long Sleeves Into a Bow On The Back

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A traditional Japanese wedding is usually a very private and small event. You have a private ceremony with a select few guests and nothing big or expensive like western weddings. This is changing, today many couples started to move away from the old ways and starts to combine elements of the old tradition, with the new Western style Christian ceremony.

You invite more people and not just a select few, you do the whole walk down the aisle, and obviously the most important thing, the wedding dress. Brids in Japan are now taking this more seriously and moving away from the traditional kimono dress, but they won’t wear an all white dress too. They mix both worlds and get married in something called Short sleeve Kimono Wedding Dress.

Creating this new cool look is rather easy and only takes 10 minutes. It is also not permanent so you don’t have to ruin a good kimono to try this out and see if you like it. All you have to do is take a traditional kimono with the long sleeves and start to fold them down and tie them in the back into a bow.

The surface, which usually feature birds,flowers and scallop patterns will add a nice colorful touch to your wedding dress. If you try it and don’t like what you see, or better yet love it but still want to hold on to the old kimono, like we said this is nothing permanent and you can always untie it later and keep your kimono intact.

This new style of kimono wedding dress is becoming more and more popular with Japanese brides

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The best thing about it is that in just under 10 minutes, you can transform a kimono into a cool strapless dress

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The colorful patterns on the kimono with the birds,flowers and scallop will make your dress into an eye catching item

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The results are a stunning strapless dress instead of the old kimono which for some seems outdated

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The kimono wedding dress is usually bought by the bride parents and is symbolic of the young girl coming of age and ready to be married

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So making this transition is actually making sense, a girl is becoming a woman and changed the old tradition with the new

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This new look will be fabulous in any setting, doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional Japanese wedding or a more European style wedding party.

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Here’s a look at the back side where you can see how the long sleeves are being folded to create a bow

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This new style kimono dress combines both the old world and the new younger people of Japan in a beautiful way

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You can also put a scarf on your shoulders to keep the old look alive

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