These San Francisco Colored Houses Symbolize the Begining of Spring

These San Francisco colored houses are just one out of many symbols that spring is finally here. Every year we have a few of these symbols that we all know say ” Hi, it’s getting warmer finally. ” Artist Patrix 15 created this gallery to show just one of those symbols in a cool way.

We have finally arrived in the warm season of summer. All of the trees are green and flowers are blooming everywhere. It is a great sensation to witness the rebirth of life every year.

I admit that it never gets boring although it is always expected to happen. We all can relate to experiencing those unforgettable nights out with our loved ones and smelling the wonderful fragrance the flowers offer.

In fact this is my most favorite part of the whole season. But some people admire the season more than others.

Patrix15 is a photographer that has captured some stunning photos of many properties in San Francisco. People have painted their houses in many colorful shades to express the way they feel about the nice and sunny weather San Francisco has to offer.

Many people who have seen these homes have compared them to look like candy-colored houses. Actually you can find many of these candy-colored houses across all of the city.

These multicolored homes not only represent the love these people have for the warmer weather conditions but also they resemble how free-spirited they are.

#1 San Francisco Colored Houses

San Francisco Colored Houses


San Francisco Colored Houses

The most popular colors used in such houses include vibrant pink, creamy tones, green mint, electric yellow, and even bright blue.

These homes are a combination of old-style and modern art. This is because most of the painted cotton candy houses were built in the Victorian era.

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We all know that the Victorians did not really seem to give any importance to color. In fact they were fond of dark and pale colors.

But in modern times people have seen that using different kinds of bright colors will improve the day of anyone that passes through it.


San Francisco Colored Houses

Patrix15 photographs these mysterious and enchanting homes and posts them on his colorful Instagram account.

Besides posting these colorful buildings of San Francisco, he also posts other parts of the city that are rich in color. They include sugary sweet cars, psychedelic stairways, and more colorful city gems.




San Francisco Colored Houses





San Francisco Colored Houses

All images via Patrix15

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