These Bizarre Portraits Of Adults Will Make You Feel Like a Child


Bizarre and slightly disturbing, but still (or therefore) intriguing series of photos, Paris-based artist Cristian Girotto has created with the intention to bring out the inner child of adults. The photographer in this project was Quentin Curtat who was capturing portraits of adult models and the final result that you can see in photos below is the masterwork of Girotto which requires very high-level of Photoshop skills, for sure. He was adding things like rounded rosy cheeks, missing milk teeth, innocent wide eyes and some expressions which are common for toddlers on faces with adults marks such as beards and makeup.

The name of the project is  ‘L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child). Check out the photos to see if Girotto brought out inner child with success and maybe to imagine how your portrait would look like in this gallery. More info: Website

bizarre portraits 1

bizarre portraits 2

bizarre portraits 3

bizarre portraits 4

bizarre portraits 5

bizarre portraits 6

bizarre portraits 7

bizarre portraits 8

bizarre portraits 9

bizarre portraits 10

bizarre portraits 11

bizarre portraits 12

bizarre portraits 13

bizarre portraits 14

bizarre portraits 15

bizarre portraits 16

bizarre portraits 17

Source: Dailymail



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