Assemblage Sculptures By Garret Kane Show The Connection Of Men With Nature And The Four Seasons

Garret Kane is an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn NY. He combines 3D technology and natural materials such as wood, clay, rocks, leaves and many others in creating beautiful sculptures that celebrate the connection of men with mother Earth.

In the gallery below, you can see Kane’s series of sculptures named “Seasons”. Kane used a program called Zbrush to create a base model which was later printed in his studio in Brooklyn with a 3D printer. Later in the process of creating, he added wood, rocks, crystals, leaves, flowers, and other materials that permeate the base model creating fascinating sculptures that celebrate four seasons that the Earth is going through in a year’s cycle.

You can also see his sculpture named “Mr Gaia” which is totally made by hand and from similar materials that looks like waking up of a giant who slept for centuries during which time nature took over his body.

From the concept to the materials and techniques used, almost all his sculptures embody the idea that human beings were made by nature and through technology we attempt to recreate nature in our own image.

More info:

SEASONS – These are a series of assemblage sculptures sculpted in ZBrush and printed for the base models.

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart (1)

Plastic, wood, rocks, crystals, leaves, and flowers, acrylic paints, clay, foam, hobby supplies.

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 2 (1)

Celebrating man’s connection with the mother Earth…

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 3 (1)

…and the four-stages cycle of nature transformation.

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 4 (1)

The beautiful colours of  Autumn

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 5 (1)

The harsh Winter

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 6 (1)

You can actually see the expression on the sculpture’s face

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 7 (1)

MR GAIA – A larger scale sculpture made entirely by hand. 

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 8 (1)

Wood, foam, clay, rock and tree kits, acrylic paint.

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 9 (1)

It looks like waking up of a giant who slept for centuries.

assemblage sculpture garret kaneart 10 (1)

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