Andreea Berindei Shares Her Process Creating These Amazing Paintings And Drawings

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Andreea Berindei is an artist from Romania making amazing drawings and paintings and showing extraordinary talent and skills. What is even more amazing than her work is the fact that she is a self-taught artist whose great passion for visual expression started to show when she was just a child. Ever since she was dedicated to painting and drawing and as a young artist has received numerous awards for her remarkable work. Eventually, she became a member of the Peace Project, an organization with a goal to render social change by mobilizing the creative community.

Andreea mastered ability of realistic representation of various motives in a form of paintings and drawings. In the gallery below you can admire beautiful landscapes, magnificent beauty of flowers as well as highly realistic portraits with remarkable details such as a tear which is just about to go down the face of a child’s sad eyes.

On her Instagram profile, Andreea is sharing photos of her work, but also photos which follow the process of painting and drawing particular pieces. Work-in-progress shots are very interesting and you can see some of them in the gallery too. If you like what Andreea Berindei is doing, make sure you follow her.

Andreea Ionela Berindei: Facebook | Instagram

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