Amateur Photographer Spent Her Summer Taking Photos Of Her Cats, And She Did Good

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”  a lovely song, as are photos of a young 21-years-old semi-professional photographer from the Netherlands, who loves to take pictures of actually everything, but it seems cats are one of her favorite subjects.

Lazy summer days with no school inspired her to capture expressive photos of her two cats and cats from her neighborhood. Summer in Netherlands is not as sunny as we have in our minds when we think of summer, but she did a great job in capturing the summer spirit as well as cats’ expressions and the mood.

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“To prevent myself from getting bored this season I decided to a couple of fun things.”

cat pictures 1

“One of the things was capturing expressive photos of my two cats and cats from my neighborhood.”

cat pictures 2

” While it was mostly not the best weather here in The Netherlands

cat pictures 3

I still tried to capture their expressions and the mood.”

cat pictures 4

cat pictures 5

cat pictures 6

cat pictures 7

cat pictures 8

cat pictures 9

cat pictures 10

cat pictures 11

cat pictures 12

cat pictures 13

cat pictures 14
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