15 Phone Addiction Art Illustrations that Show How Much Our Lives Have Been Changed by Smartphones

Today we want to write about phone addiction art. Yes, it’s a real genre of art as you will see below shortly.

We are all aware of how smartphones are our best companion when it comes to filling in empty time. Not only that, but they are also there at all costs, ready to tell us what we need and how we can solve something.

Yesterday I had an experience where, if it wasn’t for my phone, I would not know what to do. I was with my best friend at home and we were just chilling. Unfortunately, my friend suddenly started to feel bad with a terrible stomach ache and became ill. She got ill to the point of not knowing what to do.

It was all up to me to handle the situation, but in two in the morning and feeling the exhaustion of the day, I had no clue what to do. Then I remembered that I have this life answering device by my side. Yup, I am talking about the smartphone.

I searched for “what to do when you have a bad stomach ache” and it gave me a great answer that solved the problem. This is a great realistic example to prove wrong all the comments that tell us that phones are changing us for worse.

There are many comments and photos on social media that completely offend this generation and the invention of smartphones. Of course, it has its bad sides, like everything else. You know what they say; every good thing has something bad in it and vice versa.  

That is why we should be grateful for the privilege of having such an advanced device around, that if you think about it, it has saved thousands of lives in many different ways.

Although some people have been drawn too much to these devices, what has caused them to become addicted. Which is not the smartphone’s fault. For example, is it the chocolate’s fault if people are addicted to eating too much chocolate? Of course not.

But we all have a sense of humor, relating and laughing to how smartphones have changed our lives is something great we can do while staring at our own smartphones.

That is why we present you these awesome phone addiction art illustrations from Babycakes Romero called ‘Death of Conversation’.

It describes rare situations related to the smartphone that we might have experienced once or know someone who has.

#1 Very well known phone addiction art illustration

phone addiction art illustrations


phone addiction art illustrations
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phone addiction art illustrations
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phone addiction art illustrations
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phone addiction art illustrations


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