Why do Dogs Play Dead? Have You Ever Wondered Why? This is why

Why do dogs play dead? Seeing a dog play dead is a quite rare occasion if you or a relative does not own one. But if you see it you must know that they were trained.

The tldr answer is: They do it just as a trick to either see your reaction or just for fun.

Dogs have been trained for thousands of years. They have evolved to the point to be able to understand that tricks are used for many reasons. Mainly for entertainment, a way to get treats and a way to get affection.

Why do dogs play dead? This pup totally tricked their owner

why do dogs play dead
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Playing dead is one of the cool tricks dogs are taught to do. They are just too adorable when you point an imaginary gun (your hand) at them and they just fall flat on the floor and act unresponsive.

Another reason why a dog might play dead is because they might feel threatened either by humans or another animal. But he most likely needs to already know this trick before using it.

In some cases, dog owners have uploaded their dogs playing dead after they were caught wrecking the house.

Literally the most overly dramatic dog 

dogs playing dead
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Dogs are also caught playing dead when they are near an animal that is irritating them. But such an occasion is truly rare. These cute animals are a bit different when it comes to playing dead.

Other animals usually have the instinct to play dead when they feel threatened. This applies to humans also. Of course, we are talking about animals that have adulated and not babies.

Maybe dogs do not have such instinct any more due to being treated and raised differently in a matter of years. But let us face it, dogs playing dead are so hilarious it will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Is this pup playing dead or is it just asleep?

dog playing dead or sound asleep
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This dog is too hilarious

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This dog must have left its owner speechless with his acting. 

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