These 8 Funny Images of Dogs Getting Caught Eating Cardboard Will Brighten Your Day

Have you ever wondered why dogs shred cardboard to pieces the first moment they are left with one alone? Well, that is a good question and it is hard to explain. I also would leave my dog alone for some time.

And as soon as I heard the sound of weird kind of silence coming from where he was staying, I would immediately become suspicious. As I would enter the room, I would find out that he had gone into my drawers and chewed a portion of my folders and paper.

Then he would respond with those cute puppy dog eyes as if he wanted to give me the “I did not do this” message.

You might have had this experience also if you have a dog. It makes no sense to us humans, cardboard does not even have a good taste. It tastes like pure dryness and stiffness combined. Well here are some answers we can give you on why our beloved dogs eat cardboard.

Just like a baby, dogs like how it feels on their teeth when they chew something that has a chewable consistency. So it is not like they like the taste or they are hungry for food. They just have fun when chewing.

In some cases, dogs start to chew cardboard because they get bored. They are not like us that watch a movie or read a book when we can’t find a thing to do. They want to play and find something fun. That is another reason why they end up chewing cardboard.

These are two of the main reasons why dogs cause such destruction on our toilet paper rolls, cardboard, and paper. Although, keep an eye on your dog whenever they take such action because swallowing hard pieces can damage your dog’s digestive system and also cause constipation.

But coming to find out the dog in the middle of such a disaster can also be funny. The way these dogs stay and understand what they have done is priceless.

This dog has no clue whether to continue chewing or not

dogs eating cardboard
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Look at those regretting puppy dog eyes

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Chew chew chew!

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What has the poor cardboard done now doggy?

dogs eating cardboard
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This dog looks like he has been chewing that cardboard for hours

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Someone chewed up the mail. Wonder who? 

Somebody understands that they are in big trouble. 

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No caption 😮

dogs eating cardboard
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