30 Office Humor Pictures Proving Once And For All No One Actually Works Anymore

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The office is that space where you work, you have fun, you sleep, you kiss, you argue, you make friends and where you hear the funniest jokes or office humor ever…or the worst.

Mostly, the office humor jokes revolve around that super crazy boss, that very strange colleague or about going home, about Monday, about Friday about the tasks at hand and the list can go on. Jokes are a blessing in the office; it helps people cope with their work, make friends and also it can build up a team, doing that team building thing almost subliminally.

In the honour of the office humor, we’ve made a selection of 16 hilarious pictures that prove that humor might have been born in the office, or at least it was raised in the office.

1. You know printers sense fear and stress, so don’t worry, be happy! Classic office humor joke

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2. Well, all offices have these kind of people

office humor 2

3. Just in case. We don’t wanna die in the office

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4. That hard-disk needs some cooling. Don’t eat it!

office jokes 4 (1)

5. What else do you need, right?

office jokes 5 (1)


6. Speaking about tyranny…

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7. I do not work in the office. I am Spider-man (or just a gamer)

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8. It seemed like a very boring day in the office

office jokes 8 (1)

9. Right.

office jokes 9 (1)


10. That’s what dictatorship is!

office jokes 10

11. Stop asking me where Ed is, for God’s sake!

office jokes 11 (1)

12.We goit!

office jokes 12 (1)

13. Why have a plan when you can just…run!

office jokes 13


14. Someone finished his task earlier

office pranks 14 (1)

15. It makes sense!

office pranks 15 (1)

16. A brewing machine with some personality!

office pranks 16

17. Locking your office tight so you won’t lose it while on vacation – LOL!

office pranks 17

18. Wasting all the paper on signs to tell people not to waste paper

office pranks 18 (1)


19. This is work in one graph

office pranks 19 (1)

20. A message you don’t want to get

office pranks 20 (1)

21.You never should have left a note

office pranks 21 (1)

22. This line has become so classic

office pranks 22 (1)

23. Manager having some fun with the board

office pranks 23 (1)

24. Taking the fact that the vending machine doesn’t work too hard

office pranks 24 (1)

25. Hey brother

office pranks 25 (1)

26. Hate when businesses monitor employees

office pranks 26 (1)

27. LMAO! Take a number, comeone

office pranks 27 (1)

28. What did he say then?

office pranks 28 (1)

29. I love Friday’s

office humor 29 (1)

30. Always give 100% to your job

office humor 30 (1)

How about these office humor jokes right? Everyone who works in an office will get them