Admit It, You Always Wanted a Skull Chair In Your Life

skull chair

Up and coming French designer, Gregory Besson, is a graphic designer with a vision. Besson has created a skull chair to bring out the pirate in us all. The next time you want to hoist the Jolly Roger and tip back a flagon of ale, you should consider doing it while sitting in your own giant skull shaped chair!

Formed from reinforced fiberglass and finished with a plush quilted leather seat, this amazing king sized replica of the human head is designed to bring out the adventurer in us all. Since he was a child Besson has wanted to create and design visions from his imagination and now at the age of 32 he has a workshop in Paris and has realized that dream.

You can visit his private studio to see more of his handmade original designs on his official site, or through Instagram

skull chair 2

skull chair 3

skull chair 4

skull armchair 5

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skull armchair 6

skull chair 7

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