These Awesome Bonsai Skulls Bring The Dead To Life

The coolest, newest creation of art of our time, is the Graveyard Bonsai Mountain Skull. Created by the Australian company Jack Of The Dust, this skull is molded off of a real human skull. They are meant to be uniquely based off of the “Memento Mori” art, which means “Remember that you can die”. Take a look at the amazing creation that reminds us of our own mortality that you can buy for $399 AUS. Truly beautiful! More info: | Facebook | Instagram

Awesome Bonsai Skulls 4

Awesome Bonsai Skulls 5

Memento Mori 6

Memento Mori 7

Memento Mori 8

Memento Mori 9

Memento Mori 10

Memento Mori 11

Memento Mori 12

Memento Mori 13

Memento Mori 14

Memento Mori 15

Memento Mori 16

Memento Mori 17

Memento Mori 18

Memento Mori 19

Memento Mori 20

Memento Mori 21

Awesome Bonsai Skulls 22

Awesome Bonsai Skulls 23

Source: Boredpanda



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