Upclose And Personal With Woodland Creatures Photographed By Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka is a Finland-based Photographer with incredible patience and discipline in his work. On Instagram he proclaims himself a “squirrel whisperer.” I believe him, how else could he capture such perfect photos of squirrels, foxes and any other animals in their natural habitat. Each photo is like a personal moment, frozen in time, between Punkka and the animal pictured. How close he was able to get to these animals shows a great amount of trust between the photographer and the subject. Take a look at these photos bellow and quotes from Punkka’s Instagram. Imagine how magnificent it must be to see these animals so close and outside of the city zoo. Leave your thoughts in the comments section bellow.

“Even tho my car broke down and I got attacked by millions of mosquitos, the day turned out pretty good when I met my favorite pal. Mr Fox.”

forest animals photos 1

forest animals photos 2

forest animals photos 3

forest animals photos 4

forest animals photos 5

forest animals photos 6

Two fox cubs on their way back to the nest. I followed these guys for a few weeks last summer and it was fun to see how precise foxes are with their habits. Naptimes, eating and playing often happened every day at the same time.”

forest animals photos 7

forest animals photos 8

“I spent two hours today laying on a ground close to the cave where this lad and his girlfriend live.”

forest animals photos 9

“Lazy Sunday at my office.”

forest animals photos 10

Source: Colossal


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