Watch This Huge Kurt Wenner’s 3D Chalk Art At The Sarasota Chalk Festival

sarasota chalk festival feat

3D chalk art is the coolest invention since chalk art in general.  Kurt Wenner is the one who started the 3D chalk art craze and now he’s working on a huge street piece with his team called The Sarasota Chalk Festival. It’s for the annual Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida. The theme of the festival this year is commemorating the Ringling Bros. Circus.

Wenner’s installation is a 3D depiction of classically dressed circus performers marching down the street. This piece combines the style of 1920’s circus life in the US and the renaissance. This is a 10 day long event, inviting any one to come and admire the work of 250 street artists.

Take a look at these photos of talented artists creating amazing works of art right on the street. And you thought chalk was just for kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

It’s best to view this massive piece from 15.5 feet tall, to get the full effect of the 3D chalk art

sarasota chalk festival (1)


The Sarasota Chalk Festival runs for 10 full days and invited guests to come see more than 250 artists at work

sarasota chalk festival 2 (1)

One of the artists hard at work on her chalk piece

sarasota chalk festival 3 (1)

The beauty of this art festival is that when you walk around around the creations, you won’t really notice their beauty until you get far enough to notice the 3D effect

sarasota chalk festival 4 (1)

See? When looking at it from afar, you get the full effect of the 3D and stuff gets interesting

sarasota chalk festival 5 (1)


Magnificent, We need more projects like this in our life, a little bit of culture and street art goes a long way for the soul

sarasota chalk festival 6 (1)

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