Tiny Paper Flowers Created With Pencil Shavings That Look Better Than The Real Thing


Beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. Just ask artist Haruka Misawa who has created these beautiful flower blossoms inspired by random pencil shavings. Her blossoms are made from a specially designed paper that is printed with a color gradation pattern, and then rolled up into a pencil shape, and “sharpened” to give us the beautiful pencil shavings patterns of the tiny flowers.

Haruka Misawa was born in Gunma in 1982 and later graduated from the Interior Design Course of Musashino Art University in 2005. In 2009 Haruka joined the Hara Design Institute at Nippon Design Center just shortly after working at the popular design studio Nendo.

Jumping now to 2014 when she started working with the Misawa Design Institute and have been involved in design such as graphics, products and space planning in the name of the studio.

The dainty little blossoms might be small, but their uniqueness makes a huge impression. Like a snowflake, no two shavings are alike, in fact, her technique makes her results so random, that even she cannot duplicate any of her designs. The flowers vary in size from 14-40 mm and can be made from any color under the sun. You can see more of Misawa’s stunning paper flower shaving art on Instagram.

These pencil shavings in the form of tiny flowers were created by designer Haruka Misawa

Tiny pencil shavings 1


The way it works is that you wrap a special type of paper onto a pencil and then just sharpen it

Tiny Paper Flowers 2

When the pencil shavings fall of the pencil they form the beautiful shape of a flower blossom

Tiny Paper Flowers 3

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Tiny Paper Flower 4

The paper can be printed at any color and any pattern

Tiny Paper Flower 5


Giving each flower shaving a unique look just like snowflakes where you can’t see 2 of the same

Tiny Paper Flower 6

Here’s a closer look at the tiny flower creations

Tiny Paper Flowers 7

Beautiful indeed

Tiny Paper Flowers 8

Source: Colossal



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