This Mysterious Book That Nobody Can Read Is Totally Frustrating And Amazing All At Once


Mysterious manuscript That Nobody Can Read 1

Yes, that’s true. There is a book that nobody can read. Isn’t this strange? What’s the purpose of that kind of book, you might ask, and you’re not the only one trying to figure this out. Many people tried to decipher this illustrated piece of mystery on 360 pages, but with no success. Is there some kind of meaningful story behind this strange drawings and words, you’re guess is as good as mine.

The novel is called Codex Seraphinianus, and what is the only thing that is obvious, it’s some kind of illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world. The alphabet used in it stays a complete enigma to linguist and they still didn’t find any sense in these lines.

The book was published back in 1981 and the author is Luigi Serafini, a noted Italian artist and industrial designer.  It took him about 30 months to create this unusual piece of work.

When Serafini was asked about the syntax used in the book, he said that it’s a result of ‘automatic writing’, but the most interesting thing is what he actually wanted to achieve with this book. He wanted to recreate the feeling children have when they see a book they cannot yet read, but have some kinds of blurry assumptions what it might be about. Look at the samples of the book in the gallery below and say for yourself – was he successful in his intention?

Mysterious manuscript That Nobody Can Read 2

the mysterious manuscript 3

the mysterious manuscript 4

the mysterious manuscript 5

the mysterious manuscript 6

the mysterious manuscript 7

the mysterious manuscript 8

the mysterious manuscript 9

the mysterious manuscript 10

Mysterious manuscript That Nobody Can Read 11

Mysterious manuscript That Nobody Can Read 12

If you like what you see, you can download the entire work in PDF format here.
Source: Sogoodsobad