These Insane Burger Combinations Look So Good It’s Simply Ridiculous

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For the true burger lover among us, eating a simple cheeseburger is the same as driving a Ferrari slowly, It’s just a damn waste. We meat guys want to live on the wild side and eat some weird burger combinations that will make our heart knock

So when you hear about this latest trend that various creative burger chefs have started, you will be pleased. They decided to step up their game with some insane burger combinations that you never thought possible.

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How about eating a delicious burger combination with lots of nachos,kebabs or a sausage sandwich? How about a crispy donut as the bun? Are you drooling yet? If you live in Australia you don’t have to dream, it’s already happening so grab your buddies and go to town on some of these ridiculous burger mixes:

Insane burger combinations #1 The Nacho Libre

Chicken and lamb kebab with garlic sauce and fries:


Cuban Sandwich burger – Hell yes!

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Herr’s deep dish puffs and burger:


Stuffing a whole american barbeque into one burger:

Classic Ramen Burger:


Nutella smoked bacon, wagyu beef patty and cheese in a crispy donut bun:

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Waffles laced with bacon:


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The Bunnings, it’s a whole sausage sandwich inside a burger bun:

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