Style Tips To Beat The Coming Winter Blues

First things first, we can all agree that winter looks incredibly beautiful. Snow-covered trees, icicles hanging from roofs, frozen lakes… it’s all very pretty and a great opportunity to update your Instagram. However, it’s also incredibly cold and dark! But we won’t let the temperature or lack of light beat us, which is why we have to stay positive when winter comes. But how do you go about doing that? As a start, check out our fashion and style tips that are sure to help you get through these chilly months.

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From head to toe, there are definitely easy ways that we can look good and beat those winter blues.

Bring out the fire in your hair hair style for winter 2 (1)

Just like we’ve seen with this sunset hair trend, your hair color could be the perfect antidote to those cold, dark winter nights. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, your hair can be a blaze of bright oranges, deep yellows, fiery reds, and mesmerizing purples. Our hair is often something we get bored with easily, as having the same color and cut gets old after a while. Going with permanent hair dye is understandably a big step for someone who has never dyed their hair before, but there is another way: semi-permanent hair color. Once you learn how it affects your hair, you’ll find there’s no reason for trepidation, only excitement at having a spring in your step during winter.

Wear the rainbow

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Who says you have to wear black all the time? Let’s bring back color! There are few better ways to defy winter than by simply wearing bright, loud colors. These tights by Tiffany Ju are the perfect example of wearing something that is colorful, fun, and anti-winter above all. It can also be as easy as wearing a bright blue jacket, a flaming red purse, or even a cute multicolored scarf. Warm colors can have a positive effect on our moods, and if we wear them a lot during winter, this can only help us get to through it.

Brighter shade of lipstick

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Don’t let your lips turn a nasty shade of blue when you’re outside, your lips deserve better. There are several winter lipstick colors to try out this season, that there’s really no excuse for not finding one you like! Creamy toffee has a very nice mix of brown and red that suits all skin tones, rosy pink is girly but not overly so, and classic red is a safe bet for any time of the year, but one that stands out even more so in winter. However, our favorite pick for best lipstick for winter has got to be golden shimmer. With a metallic hint, this shade sums up the holiday season and is bound to keep those winter blues away for another year.


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