Stunning Fairy Tale Albinos Portraits By Yulia Taits

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What you are about to see in this gallery is certainly unusual on several levels. These are unusually beautiful photos of unusually beautiful people. And what is also unusual about these photos is that Photoshop was not used at all in the process of creating them.

Yulia Taits, 38, a photographer from Moscow, decided to make a series of photos with albino models showing their natural beauty. All backgrounds are in a light tone so the whole image brings the out of this world feeling. these Angelic or fairytale albinos portraits are intriguing to look at, discovering their hypnotising beauty.

Model Adi holding a seashell to her ear

albinos portraits by yulia taits (1)

“Their unique beauty hypnotises me. This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairytale legends.”


 Model Zohar covered with white butterflies. Look at her amazing flowing hair that looks like out of a fairy tale movie

albinos portraits by yulia taits 2 (1)

“This series was an amazing experience for me because I could create this beautiful photography without Photoshop. What transpired was a pure natural beauty.”

Model Shimon and albino mouse. Stunning looking friends

albinos portraits by yulia taits 3 (1)

“I’m excited to prove that white is not just one colour! It has many tints, shades and beautiful tones. While creating this photo project, I was fortunately blessed with meeting amazing people,” says Yulia Taits.

Model Sahar posing with a white Labrador

albinos portraits by yulia taits 4 (1)

Model Eydan holds a white paper arrangement

albinos portraits by yulia taits 5 (1)


Sleeping albino beauty. Just like a fairytale

albinos portraits by yulia taits 6 (1)

Model Eliran posing with his white hair and beard

albinos portraits by yulia taits 7 (1)

Model Ori posing for albino beauty photo series

albinos portraits by yulia taits 8 (1)

No Photoshop used for creating these beautiful albino portraits

albinos portraits by yulia taits 9 (1)


Albino girl looks just like an angel

albinos portraits by yulia taits 10 (1)

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