Scratch Art Is a Big Thing In South Korea And People Create Amazing Cityscapes

While everyone is losing it over adult coloring books, myself included, there is another craft that’s becoming popular now. In South Korea and other parts of Asia, people are going nuts over Scratch Night View. It’s a series of scratch-off projects created by Seoul-based studio Lago Design. In each kit, there is a wooden pen that you use to scratch off the gray part of the paper. The more you scratch, the more these city-scapes start to sparkle and come to life in gold against the black background.

You can choose from many products like night views of Paris, New York, Seoul, Hamburg, London, Florence, Hong Kong and other historically beautiful cities. Not only is this a great stress reliever but when you’re done, you can frame the image and hang it on your wall like your own work of art.

The Chrysler Building in New York

scratch art 1

A finished piece

scratch art 2

The Eifel Tower in Paris

scratch art 3

There are so many city-scapes to choose from

scratch art 4


scratch art 5


scratch art 6

scratch cityscape 7

Hong Kong

scratch cityscape 8


scratch cityscape 9

scratch cityscape 10

Hang these works of art on your wall. Nobody has to know you didn’t create them from scratch.

scratch cityscape 11

Las Vegas

scratch cityscape 12

scratch art 13

It looks like they even come in postcard sizes.

scratch art 14
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