27 Stupid Laws That Are So Dumb, They Should Be Illegal

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The law written above has to belong to some past times when women were considered way less capable of anything than men and cars were only capable driving at a speed of a casual walk. Nevertheless, you will be astounded once you go through the collection below of stupid laws almost as ridiculous or even more ridiculous laws that are still in effect today in some US states. For example, did you know that it’s illegal to eat fried chicken in any other way than to use your hands? Pay attention how you eat your fried chicken if you want to stay out of trouble in Gainesville, Ca!

Check out some of the most ridiculous laws in the gallery below. Do you know some examples that beats this list? Share with us and share with your friends if you liked it.

Stupid laws #1 You can’t bingo all day in N. Carolina

stupid laws 2

2. It’s for their safety. Make sure they comprehend.

stupid rules 3

3. Justice for cactuses!

stupid rules 4

4. Logic thinking in Paulding, Ohio.

stupid rules 5

5. You see…

stupid rules 6

6. Violation of public peace and order, obviously.

stupid rules 7

7. You can’t argue this one.

stupid rules 8

8. Justice for hedonists!

stupid rules 9

9. Love (between cousins) knows for age after all.

stupid rules 10

10. Maybe it’s proven they’re bad luck. Stupid Laws indeed

stupid laws 11

11. Esthetic law in Carrizozo, NM.

idiotic laws 12

12. Bears are real hectors.

idiotic laws 13

13. It’s because rabbits are shy.

idiotic laws 14

14. Sunday is for veggies.

idiotic laws 15

15. Again, violation of public peace and order.

idiotic laws 16

16. It must be boring in San Antonio.

idiotic laws 17

17. It’s a crime!

idiotic laws 18

18. Hello from the other side.

dumb laws 19

19. You dirty thief!

dumb laws 20

20. I agree!

dumb laws 21

21. No flamingos in barber shops at Alaska.

dumb laws 2

22. Bigfoot has it’s rights too!

dumb laws 23

23. Sandwiches are sleeping.

dumb laws 24

24.Thumbs up for Arizona!

stupid laws 3

25. Be a pal and be a criminal.

stupid laws 5

26. Kentucky knows how to deal with bad dogs.

stupid laws 6

27. Mixing drinks causing headake. Take care at Hawaii.

stupid laws 7

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